Real reason for ChoA's departure of AOA

, June 22, 2017, 2:55 p.m.

AOA’s member ChoA is rumored to be getting married.

On June 22, ChoA announced that she will be leaving AOA.

But, her label FNC Entertainment stated that her departure from the group has not been confirmed yet.

There has been rumors that ChoA has been spotted wearing a wedding ring on her fan pages.

Her fan page also claimed that media outlet Sports Seoul will be releasing ChoA’s marriage news tomorrow (6/23 Friday).

Numerous netizens assume that the real reason behind her departure is because of her love life.

In fact, ChoA was involved in dating rumors with the director of Najin Corporation last month.

Some are comparing ChoA’s situation with former Girls’ Generation’s member Jessica, who left the group and joined hands with her boyfriend Tyler Kwon.

What do you think about her departure of AOA?

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