[RECAP] Korean Drama 'Doctors Episode 5'

Kyung Ho Kim, July 5, 2016, 1:39 p.m.

The fifth episode of SBS TV drama “Doctors” ended with a great cliffhanger on Monday, with the lead actress Park Shin-hye pinned to the ground by a knife-wielding man. 

Blood was shown streaming into a puddle on the floor, but the viewers cannot be completely sure if it is Park who was stabbed, as two other men -- the hospitalized gang boss who the knife-carrier came to take revenge on, and Park’s codoctor Jeong Yoon-do, played by actor Yoon Kyun-sang -- are all in the fallen heap. 

The young gang boss, played by actor Lee Ki-woo, had removed all his pawns from his recovery room following Park’s request to create a healthier environment in the hospital. 

In the fifth episode, Lee tells Park that, “I decided to start listening to the women in my life,” suggesting that he has developed romantic feelings for her. 

Yoon Kyun-sang, too, had professed budding feelings for Park as he rejected codoctor Jin Seo-woo, played by actress Lee Sung-kyung, on the grounds that he likes women “who have stories to tell.” He implied Park’s character, Yoo Hye-jeong, is the kind of woman he thinks would have a moving story. 

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