[RECAP] Relive the Best Moments at KTOWN Night Market with Koogle TV!

Koogle TV Team, June 27, 2016, 6:42 p.m.

Hey there, Kooglers! Had a nice weekend? Probably not as exciting as last week’s fun events at KTOWN Night Market, right?! Outdoor events, like KTNM, are always fun to go to with a group of friends, a significant other, and/or families. My favorite things to do at these events are the 3 F’s – freebies, food, and fun & games.

Now, not to brag, but I think Koogle TV was one of the hottest and most crowded booths at this year’s KTNM. The event took place at the same location as the very first KTNM back in 2014, which was at Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools in the heart of Koreatown, LA, and it went on from Friday, June 17th to Saturday, June 18th. Thanks to all our friends at Lotte Sweet Land, Siwy Denim, Colosseum Athletics, Loyal Cloth, Choice Music, etc., Koogle TV was able to stand out from the crowd and be a strong representative in the community.

For those who haven’t gone to KTNM or didn’t have a chance to visit our booth, let me give you a brief recap on the fun things we had so that you won’t want to miss out on seeing us next time! :


The wheel of prizes is always fun and thrilling to stand in line for. You never know what you’re going to get, and it’s always entertaining to see someone’s face when they get a ‘BUST’. The emcees were also pretty fun to talk to and the Koogle TV staff did their best to make sure the people in line weren’t bored. There was even a random dance contest at one point that visitors participated in and just busted out their hottest, K-pop dance moves right in front of the booth!


The yummy, Korean snacks constantly attracted passersby, as the brightly colored posters of the Lotte products we featured (Choco Pie, Pepero, and Kancho) were wanted by people of all ages. Our raffle prizes were also pretty tempting giveaways that even I wanted to participate in them, such as the giant fluffy teddy bear or the Pepero Heart! I also saw a few people walking around and munching on the flavorful seaweed snacks we were also giving out. To those that did visit our booth, what was your favorite giveaway item?



I know the ‘Silk Show’ had a sample sale on some of the hottest streetwear brands, but we had some pretty hot items as well. The sample sale we had for Siwy Denim was one of the hottest brands that many of our female visitors enjoyed browsing through at the booth. Siwy Denim is a company that designs and manufactures premium denim that many celebrities all over the world wear such as Megan Fox, Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr, Kate Hudson, Jeon Ji-hyun, Lee Hyori, Girls’ Generation, and many more. While the ladies looked over what pair of jeans to pick out, the fellas checked out our apparel for Colosseum Athletics and Loyal Cloth as the prices for the athletic apparel and hats were unbelievably low priced. We also had popular K-pop goodies, like K-pop posters and CDs, from Choice Music that attracted a lot of our K-pop fans at the event.


Meet & Greets

In order to constantly keep all our Koogle TV fans happy, we held various ‘Meet & Greet’ events with different artists on both days. No other booth at KTNM had so much talent all at once besides Koogle TV! Fans got a chance to take a photo and meet with artists Justin Park, Yung Demi, Heesun Lee (headliner on Friday night), Yung Koconut and HDthe1. Many fans were super excited when they found out our surprise guest with the KTOWN Cowboys was none other than actor Ricky Kim from ‘Cunning Single Lady’ and ‘Oh! My Baby’!


If you're one of those who's struggling through the week until the holiday weekend comes, you can sit back and relive the best moments from Koogle TV’s booth at KTNM by viewing the slideshow and short video below. For those that were at the event and stopped by our booth, you might even see yourself! If you've stopped by our booth but don't see your photo, let us know and we'll personally email it to you!

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