Red Velvet Shares ‘Russian Roulette’ Comeback Experience in ‘The Star’ Pictorial

Paul Lee, Sept. 23, 2016, 8:42 a.m.

The beautiful members of Red Velvet were featured in a photoshoot with ‘The Star’ magazine for the October issue, and discussed what their comeback experience with ‘Russian Roulette’ was like! Member Joy shared her experiences first by saying, ‘We took extra interest in our vocals this time. We wanted to sing with a pretty voice, but didn't want it to be just pretty.’


The rest of the members began to share their experiences shortly after, with Seulgi saying, ‘I'm proud to hear that our color is becoming more definite.’ Yeri then made a promise to get first place by stating, ‘If we win 1st place, we want to sing 'Russian Roulette' with our fans.’ Wendy had her own thoughts about the comeback, sharing that she ‘had stage fright until the beginning of this year, but recently I'm overcoming it by a lot of stage experience and fans' love.’ Irene was last, and discussed her experience as the leader of the group by saying, ‘Recently, I was able to look back at my role as a leader. I think I have to become the person who can control in a neutral way.’


Be sure to grab a copy of the October issue of ‘The Star’ to check out the rest of the interview and photos!

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