Red Velvet Shows Talent with “Hello” Performance on “Immortal Song”

David Song, Nov. 9, 2015, 11:31 a.m.

Red Velvet showed their versatility when it comes to performing music by giving a R&B performance of the famous song “Hello” on the November 7th broadcast of “Immortal Song”! Wendy, Joy, and Seulgi all covered Baeho’s classic track “Hello”, and before their performance, the three had shown just how strongly they felt when they first had found out that the three would be making an appearance on “Immortal Song”.


The three said, "We were surprised when we found out we were coming on 'Immortal Song', and we wondered if it was okay for us to appear. It feels different for us because it's the first time the three of us are singing together like this." The group’s R&B cover showed some very synced ballad sounds in the old-school song. Check out the video of their performance below!
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