Red Velvet sports the perfect college style

Yuna Hwang, April 5, 2016, 10:46 a.m.

On Friday, April 1, SM Entertainment girl group Red Velvet walked the red carpet as they arrived at satellite network KBS’ headquarters to perform for music show “Music Bank.”

The fashionistas sported different outfits of the day demonstrating what is now “in style” on campuses. Leader Irene wore a simple striped shirt with black jeans, but the shirt had frilled details below shoulder which made the singer look more feminine. Seulgi wore a light pink shirt with unique ballerina patterns and blue jeans. The overall look helped her look casual, yet lovely. Yeri took a more formal turn with a dark beige trench coat and a black leather bag. The ensemble was the definition of sophisticated chic.

Spring is the last season to wear sweaters before the weather gets too warm and Wendy wore a clean-cut navy sweater dress beneath a gray cardigan -- the perfect fashion for a spring campus date.

Joy demonstrated the undercover fashion during exam week with a black rider jacket, mask and gray cap. The look might have been too dark for spring, but she wore a white T-shirt beneath the jacket, bestowing bright casualness to her style.

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