Red Velvet’s ‘Russian Roulette’ Hits 50 Million Views and Announces Comeback

Troy Yang, Jan. 20, 2017, 9:02 a.m.

Red Velvet’s official music video for their track ‘Russian Roulette’ has just reached over 50 million views, and it’s time to celebrate! The track is the group’s third music video to pass the 50 million viewer mark. The group consistently shows just how talented and popular they are time after time, and they definitely deserve the success!


For the fans who are anxiously awaiting another track to be release from the group, have no fear! Industry insiders commented that Red Velvet would aim for a comeback towards the end of the month of January or the beginning of February. An SM Entertainment representative announced, ‘Red Velvet are currently preparing for a new album. Comeback promotions will begin next week, so please give them your attention.’


Red Velvet will make a comeback in only four months, after their third mini album ‘Russian Roulette’ release in September 2016. Stay updated here at!

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