Relationship Between Sulli and G-Dragon?

James Ryu, March 15, 2017, 3:11 p.m.

K-POP fans are skeptical about the burgeoning relationship between Sulli and G-Dragon.

The questioning began after the two Korean stars were seen wearing matching his-and-her rings. G-Dragon posted a picture of the ring with the caption “sex,” and Sulli shared a photo with the same ring on her Instagram. Theories are floating around the Internet that these rings are for couples.

Fans are speculating that the star-powered “couple” were seen flying on the same airplane to France in January. Furthermore, there is more evidence that Sulli is dating the Korean superstar. She posted a “Happy New Year” picture months ago with her hands on an unidentified man’s shoulder. Many are saying that the shoulder belongs to G-Dragon’s manager, showcasing her closeness to G-Dragon and his affiliates.

There are just as many K-POP fans claiming that this theory is a stretch and that there is no justifiable evidence pointing towards a romantic relationship.

What are your thoughts on the “relationship” between Sulli and G-Dragon? 

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