Remember Gong Yoo’s Doll From ‘Goblin’!? Well It’s Setting RECORD SALES!

Lydia Koo, March 13, 2017, 10:02 a.m.

Gong Yoo’s doll from ‘Goblin’ is going VIRAL! The doll who was portrayed to be Gong Yoo’s role Kim Shin, was called the ‘Boglegel’. The ‘Boglegel’ was mostly in possession of Kim Go Eun’s character Ji Eun Tak! The ‘Boglegel’ itself has been making record sales both domestically in South Korea and internationally in countries in North America, Southeast Asia, China, and even Taiwan!

That is crazy! Don’t you wish you had a ‘Boglegel’ doll to yourself? Well if you’re in the South Korea area, make sure to stop by the pop up store that was opened in Seoul by the doll company Bonicrew! The store itself features the ‘Boglegel’ as well as any other bath and jewelry necessities to keep you fashionably up to date!


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