Repeat Offender E-Sens Arrested Again for Use of Marijuana

LAtte, April 8, 2015, 12:30 p.m.

News outlet dongA reports that rapper E-Sens, former member of the hip hop group Supreme Team, has been arrested on April 6th for the third time for marijuana use. The rapper is looking at another set of charges for the drug use. While it is seemingly not a big deal here in the States, marijuana use is a huge crime in the country of South Korea.

The police report that he has admitted to the use of marijuana and has been cooperative through out the process. Having been charged twice before, E-Sense currently has three cases of marijuana use on his record, the most recent charge going back to September of 2014, when he was accused of buying the gateway drug from an online distributor that illegally smuggled the substance into Korea. Prior to that, he was charged in 2012 for use of the marijuana as well. It is reported that he is being charged for smoking the drug at a friend's house, in a parking lot, as well as in his own home.

Despite a report sourced from the Seoul Western District Prosecutors' Office that E-Sens had been arrested, the repeat offender's agency, denied the dongA news report, defending the artist by saying that no new charges were made, but his previous cases were still in the process of investigation. Either way, E-Sens is most likely facing prison time for these repeated charges.

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