'Reply 1988' Earns Incredible Profits From Ads & VOD Sales!

June Kang, Jan. 18, 2016, 4:31 p.m.

It's no secret that each installment of the 'Reply' drama series have seen incredible popularity and success, with each season gaining even greater popularity than the one before it! Viewership for the most recent installment of the 'Reply' series, 'Reply 1988', soared through the roof, with reports that its advertising rates were also quite hefty compared to other TV shows.

According to entertainment industry insiders, the ad rates for 'Reply 1988' were comparable to rates from 'Infinity Challenge', whose earnings from just one ad amount to around 12.5 million KRW, an estimated $10,200 USD! Not only that, 'Reply 1988' also became a high competitor in ads that aired in between the episode, with prices as expensive as ads on major networks such as MBC, KBS, and SBS.

'Reply 1988' has sold ALL of its ad slots since its premiere back in November, earning them a total of 17 billion KRW (an estimated $14 million USD), topping ad sales from the previous 'Reply' installments! In addition to their incredible ad sales, 'Reply 1988's video-on-demand (VOD) sales topped many VOD services, surpassing 5 bilion KRW (an approximate $4.1 million USD). Totaling the drama's profits from ad sales and VOD sales, it's speculated that 'Reply 1988' earned an approximate 22 billion KRW (an estimated $18.1 billion USD) in revenue - not including profits from the drama's OST.

It looks like the cast members of 'Reply 1988' also saw individual success as well, as the actors who starred in the hit series have become mainstay in CFs and advertisements. Girl's Day's Hyeri, who played the female lead role of Deok Sun, has reportedly earned up to 6 billion KRW (an approximate $4.9 million USD) from modeling for over 20 advertisements!

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