Rescued North Korean Fisherman Defects to the South

kpopluv, June 24, 2014, 8:46 a.m.

A North Korean fisherman was rescued while adrift in the East Sea by the South Korean Coast Guard last week.  According to a government official, the man in his 20’s wishes to defect to the South.  The man was found adrift in a small broken boat and rescued in waters near Dokdo in the East Sea on June 16. "Under questioning he expressed hope to remain here," the official added.

This was the third time in a month that North Koreans were rescued in the East Sea. On May 31, three fishermen were rescued after they suffered engine trouble in waters near Ulleung Island. Two of them decided to stay here and the other returned.  

On June 13, five fishermen were rescued from a small sinking boat about 60 km northeast of Dokdo. All were sent back to the North.  The reason so many North Korean fishing boats have been found adrift in South Korean waters recently is probably that the communist regime has put excessive pressure on fishermen to increase their catch.

In a press briefing, Unification Ministry spokesman Kim Eui-do said, "It seems that North Korean fishing boats have simply not been up to the unreasonable quota the regime has set." 


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