Restaurant featured in "My Love from the Star" becomes a tourist spot

Angela Jung, Aug. 24, 2016, 9:31 a.m.

Fans of drama “My Love from the Star” on SBS may remember the buckwheat noodle restaurant where Do Min-jun (Kim Soo Hyun) enjoyed warm noodles and then brought some to his girlfriend, Cheon Song-yi (Jun Ji Hyun).

The restaurant is called Yoorim-myun and is located near City Hall Station. The two-story restaurant is a family business that has been run by two generations since 1962, according to the restaurant‘s manager, Kim. A sign in the restaurant says, “50 Years of Generation: Yoorim-myun.”

An image of a smiling woman on the window has become somewhat of a logo for the venue after it featured in the drama. Kim said that the spot has become a semi-photo booth where fans of the drama come and take photos.

Kim said that the number of Chinese visitors to the restaurant drastically increased in 2014, when “My Love from the Star” was all the rage in China. “Prior to the drama, we had some Japanese customers but hardly any Chinese customers. But after the drama aired, we had 30 to 40 Chinese visitors making group reservations and they occupied all the seats on the second floor.” 

She added that the restaurant does not accept reservations unless the customers are in large groups. 

Two years have passed since the drama aired and thus the number of Chinese visitors has decreased. However, Yoorim-myun still remains popular. The restaurant is frequented by nearby office workers, and “there would be people lining up by the building, especially during lunch hours,” according to Kim. 

All the noodles, side dishes, and even the soy sauce are directly made by the chef in the restaurant.

Buckwhat noodles (7,000 won): You dip the noodles in the soy sauce before eating it.

Mixed noodles (8,000 won): You mix the noodles with the hot red sauce.

Pot udong (9,000 won): the dish that Kim Soo-hyun ate in “My Love from the Star”

Watch the clip of Kim Soo-hyun eating at the restaurant below:

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