‘Revolutionary Love’ holds their 1st script reading!

Yumi Kim , Sept. 13, 2017, 10:36 a.m.

The cast and staff of tvN’s new drama ‘Revolutionary Love’ got together for their 1st script reading. The upcoming Saturday-Sunday drama will feature Siwon, Kang So Ra, and Gong Myung. The drama centralizes on the story of 3 young people who stand up against societal practices. The drama is also known as ‘Byun Hyuk’s Love’ and it is a comedic and rebellious drama.

Siwon will be playing the role of Byun Hyuk, a third generation chaebol who gets kicked out of his house with nothing. Kang So Ra will be playing the role of Baek Joon, a girl who works several jobs to survive in the rigorous world. The staff reported the chemistry among both amazing. Their 1st reading caused a lot of laughter among all the staff. Gong Myung will be playing Kwon Jae Hoon, the person responsible of cleaning up Byun Hyuk’s mess. The drama is directed by Song Hyuk Wok of ‘Oh Hae Young Again’. It is set to premiere October 14! 

Are you excited for the new drama? 

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