RM's Hello 2018!

Jun Ko, Jan. 3, 2018, 3:03 p.m.

RM of BTS greeted his fans for the new year with a livestream on 'V'. The broadcast was titled 'RM's Hello 2018' and was held on January 3rd (January 2nd in American time). The broadcast lasted around 30 minutes and it was a chance for him to interact with his fans and answer some of the questions that they had. Some of the topics that were brought up in the stream was his collaboration with Fall Out Boy and J-Hope's mixtape. When asked about his collaboration with Fall Out Boy, he responded with how honoured he was that they chose him to collaborate with. He also brought up J-Hope's mixtape, expressing his amazement for it. He talked about how he listened to some of the tracks for the mixtape and how he was blown away by it. He stated, "It seems J-Hope's discovered his true colors... That's what he was most worried about in the past." 

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