Rookie K Pop Girl group The Ark Releases Music Video Titled ‘The Light!’

D-Bo , April 10, 2015, 11:56 a.m.

Rookie K pop girl group The Ark has debuted with the release of their music video ‘The Light!’.  Despite the gloomy storyline of a mother, played by Jo Min Soo, who loses her daughter, played by Halla, in the MV, the colors are mostly bright, the atmosphere optimistic, and the track uplifting, perhaps focusing more on the happier past.


The girls, Yuna Kim, Jeon Minju, Halla, Jung Yoojin, and Chun Jaein, have light, pretty voices as they sing and rap in a great debut track that, along with the MV, gives a throwback vibe to the simpler '90s. 



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