Rose Motel Releases Teaser for “Rooftop House” from 2nd Full Album

Ben Cho, Feb. 24, 2016, 10 a.m.

The Korean indie band Rose Motel has just released a very short but amazing teaser clip for their upcoming track release, “Rooftop House”! The track is scheduled to be pre-released at Noon KST on February 24th, well ahead of their 2nd full album “Oppa Is Doing Well”. The pre-release track is written and self-composed by vocalist Yook Joong Hwan who currently lives inside of a rooftop house. The band will be releasing their 2nd full album in March.

Rose Motel is a 5-member indie band from the Hongdae region of Seoul, South Korea. The band started off with 3 members, Kang Jun Woo (guitar, vocal), Yook Joong Wan (guitar, vocal), and Im Kyung Sub (drums), but later added 2 more to its line-up.

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