Roy Kim Expected to Graduate from Georgetown University

BanSeok Shin, May 7, 2019, 10:30 a.m.

Roy Kim is still expected to receive his degree from Georgetown University, even after his involvement in Jung Joon Young's chatroom has come to light. Georgetown University had previously stated that the school would conduct its own investigation into Roy Kim and based on the findings, as well as on those produced by the investigations in Korea, the school would determine whether or not Roy Kim would graduate and be held to the school's code of student conduct. If Roy Kim is found to have violated the school's code of conduct then not only would be facing the possibility of not graduating, but he may face, suspension and even expulsion. However, so far, the singer has only been found guilty of sharing lewd images that he found online.


While Roy Kim is being investigated for possible crimes he may have committed in Korea, Georgetown University still has the right to determine his status as a student (based on investigation results) as any crimes or student code violations that are committed, while his is a member of the school (no matter where he is) are subject to disciplinary action.

On May 7th an early report stated that Roy Kim was in Washington, D.C. preparing to graduate from the university, but later his agency, Stone Music Entertainment reported that he was still in South Korea with his family and that the agency was looking into his graduation plans. Georgetown University’s graduation will be on May 15th and if there are no new negative developments in Roy Kim's investigation then it appears that he will indeed graduate. 

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