Roy Kim reveals Kim Tae-ri is his ideal type

Hana Lee , April 10, 2017, 10:05 a.m.

Singer-songwriter Roy Kim named actress Kim Tae-ri as his ideal type while appearing as a guest on the JTBC show “Please Take Care of my Refrigerator.” While he said that he hasn’t met the actress, who starred in last year’s critically acclaimed Korean movie “Handmaiden,” he admitted that he is hesitant to do so. 

“Every time I’ve met my type of female celebrities, I felt embarrassed, not happy,” said the artist. “I could tell that they were already aware of my feelings towards them, which made me feel uncomfortable.”

In the program, Kim also shared a story of how he started his music career. He said he joined a band to grab the attention of female students when he was young. The singer went on to win Mnet’s music talent show “Superstar K” and debuted in 2013.

The episode is set to air on Monday evening. 

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