Royal Pirates Releases ‘Betting Everything’ Music Track

luvsmiling, July 21, 2014, 11:22 a.m.

Royal Pirates has released their latest comeback track titled ‘Betting Everything’.  The song was debuted on the most recent episode of ‘Laws of Jungle’, when UEE was getting stitches for her head injury while James and Kang Ji Sup looked on worriedly.


Their label said, "The song that was previewed on the show is a song James composed and wrote lyrics for himself called 'Betting Everything'. The song shows James' will as he adapted to a foreign country. Plus explores how he won over the fight with himself when he first left his family to come to Korea."


"Betting Everything" is a medium tempo rock ballad that has an English acoustic version, a regular English version, and a Korean version. It combines James' and Moon's calm and emotional voices to the acoustic guitar and percussion.




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