Ruling Party Lawmaker Quits After Sexual Harassment Charge

Troy Young, March 13, 2018, 9:24 a.m.

Minjoo Party lawmaker Min Byung-doo resigned on Monday amid allegations that he sexually harassed a woman in a karaoke bar a decade ago. The three-term lawmaker quit despite attempts by party officials to make him reconsider. "I do not remember committing an act that could cause problems," Min said in a statement sent to reporters. "But I decided to resign from my post as a lawmaker anyway."

Minjoo Party spokesman Park Beom-kye told reporters, "It is too early to accept or oppose his resignation. We need to determine the truth before any decision is made." The party seems keen to keep him on as the allegation may turn out to be trivial and it wants to keep up numbers in the National Assembly ahead of the regional elections in June.

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