Rumble by GoldLink feat. Jackson Wang & Lil Nei Now Released.

Jay Lee, June 12, 2019, 5:19 p.m.

American rapper GoldLink has released his newest album DIASPORA with the album cover shot by Hailey Bieber. Jackson from Got7 featured on track #13 "Rumble"

The album consists of 14 tracks: 1. //error 2. Joke Ting 3. Maniac 4. Days Like This 5. Zulu Screams 6. More 7. Cokewhite 8. U Say 9. Yard 10. Spanish Song 11. No Lie 12. Tiff Freestyle 13. Rumble and 14. Swoosh. Artists such as Khalid, Jay Prince and Pusha T have also featured on the album.

GoldLink gives Jackson a shoutout at a radio talkshow, click the link to have a listen:

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