Rumors Surface Regarding Brown Eyed Girls' Disbandment

SWAG-Tastic Voyage, June 10, 2015, 10:52 a.m.

The K-Pop group Brown Eyed Girls have oddly found themselves amongst a flurry of rumors stating that the group is planning on disbanding, even while they are currently working on their new comeback! The members themselves were shocked by the rumors, and JeA as well as their agency has stated that there is no foundation for these rumors.

Multiple inside sources stated, "Brown Eyed Girls are actually on their way to disbandment," and "Currently Nega Network is in a serious situation suffering from financial difficulties. It seems like it'll be difficult for an album production. APOP Entertainment, which Ga In is part of, thought about trying to bring in the rest of the Brown Eyed Girls members as well, but due to differences of opinions between the members, the plan fell through."

Nega Network stepped forward to dispel the rumors stating, "Rumors about Brown Eyed Girls' disbandment are not true. We have never even discussed such a thing. They're currently working a comeback album and we were just about to decide on a release date when these rumors came out." 

Member JeA showed her surprise as well by posting on her SNS account, "I'm sure you guys were shocked by the novel-like article that came out, but it's completely untrue. We are currently in the middle of preparing our new album, so what are they talking about. Rumors about disbandment are completely untrue, but even if in the case that such a day comes, we will tell the fans directly, not through an article like this."

We are glad to see that the rumors are untrue, and we anxiously wait for the Brown Eyed Girls to make their comeback!

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