Sam Hammington Introduces New Baby Boy to the World

Troy Yang, July 12, 2016, 8:49 a.m.

Sam Hammington, an Australian TV personality in South Korea, and his wife welcomed their new son, William, on Tuesday. Hammington‘s wife, Jung Yu-mi, gave birth in the morning in a maternity ward in Gangnam-gu. Hammington held a baby shower in June on the rooftop of Sugar Daddy, a desert cafe that he runs.

The couple gave the baby the taemyeong “King Kong.” Taemyeong is a name that Koreans give to their babies before birth, usually different from the name that the baby receives when it is born. 

“I initially called our soon-to-be-born son King Kong because I wanted him to be strong. The character King Kong in the movie is reliable, strong, and considerate of others. And I thought maybe my son would be hairy because I am hairy,” Hammington explained. 

The couple named the baby William after Hammington‘s father. Hammington gained wide public recognition after he featured in the first season of “Real Men” (2013-2015), a Korean variety TV show.

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