Samsung and LG to End All Legal Disputes

kpride, March 31, 2015, 6:49 a.m.

Samsung Group and LG Group, two leading conglomerates in South Korea, said Tuesday they will end three ongoing legal disputes among their tech affiliates.  “(Samsung and LG) agreed to end all ongoing disputes to end tension,” the two groups said in a joint statement. “We will also refrain from making more legal disputes and make efforts to settle issues through communication.”

Under the agreement, two disputes between Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics Inc., and another between Samsung Display Co. and LG Display Co. will end “unconditionally.”  “There has not been any compensation exchanged between the two groups,” a Samsung spokesman said. “The decision was made by top executives, and aims to bring better services and products to consumers.”

The settled cases included the so-called “washer row,” in which Samsung Electronics claimed that staff members from LG Electronics intentionally wrecked its washers at Germany-based electronics shops last year.  LG also had refuted Samsung’s accusations and countersued the bigger rival for defamation and forging evidence.


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