[BUSINESS] Samsung Edges Google in Terms of Innovation

LrgnNChrg, Oct. 1, 2013, 10:53 a.m.

Samsung Electronics has been named the world's second most innovative company, knocking Google from its No. 2 spot after No.1 spot Apple.

'The Boston Consulting Group' released their annual report on the world's 50 most innovative companies putting the Korean tech giant in second place, marking a rapid rise from 26th in 2008.

Google slipped a notch to third after holding on to the No. 2 spot for seven consecutive years. Apple held on to its top spot for the ninth year, while Samsung's main domestic rival, LG, came in at 25th.

The U.S.-based consulting company said the technology and telecommunications industries continued to take the lead in innovation this year, claiming four of the top five places on the list.

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