Samsung Electronics Ranks 3rd Most Desired Place to Work in World

D-Bo , May 12, 2014, 10:40 a.m.

Randstad is a human resource firm based out of the Netherlands.  They recently released the results of a survey that polled 195,000 people including university students, job seekers, and salaried workers in 23 different countries.  Samsung Electronics ranked third as the most preferred workplace among global job seekers. 

Of the 195,000 people surveyed, 86% of the respondents were aware of Samsung Electronics, while over 57 percent said they wanted to work for the company.  Respondents from Canada, Hong Kong and France had the most favorable view of Samsung, naming it the most attractive workplace.

The number one ranked company that people surveyed wanted to work for was BMW, the German auto manufacturer. BMW was followed by Sony in the poll.  

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