Samsung reclaims top spot in global smartphone market

Sarah Lee, April 13, 2017, 9:57 a.m.

Samsung reclaimed the top spot in the global smartphone market in the first quarter of this year, after beating Apple. Due to the debacle surrounding the combustible Galaxy Note 7, Samsung gave the top spot to Apple for the first time in five years in the fourth quarter of last year.

According to market researcher TrendForce on Wednesday, Samsung shipped out 80.14 million smartphones in the first quarter of this year, taking up 26.1 percent of the global smartphone market.

Apple was runner-up with 16.9 percent, and China's Huawei came in third with 11.4 percent, followed by OPPO (8.1 percent) and Vivo (6.2 percent).

LG was ranked sixth with 4.6 percent.

TrendForce attributed Samsung’s recovery to the popularity of its low-to-mid-priced handsets.

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