Samsung SDI Reveals Bicycle Battery Capable of 100KM per Charge

kpride, Aug. 26, 2015, 10:52 a.m.

At a recent bicycle fair, Samsung SDI unveiled various E-bike battery products including a battery pack enabling riders to cycle up to 100km on a single charge. On August 26, Samsung SDI, the global leader in battery cells, announced that it showed off its advanced Li-ion battery products for e-bikes at the Eurobike Show 2015 held in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

At the show, Samsung SDI displayed 12 kinds of battery packs and battery cells that the company is now supplying to global bicycle manufacturers. It unveiled a new 500Wh battery pack that enables an e-bike to run up to 100km by combining high capacity battery cells and excellent pack technology. With the battery pack, one can run from Seoul to Chuncheon on a single charge.

Meanwhile, it introduced a new technology to check battery life and possible running distance with a smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, it unveiled a so-called “21700” battery cell, which expands the capacity of existing “18650” battery cells by up to 35 percent. Samsung SDI used the new battery cells in its battery pack products. According to Japanese market research firm B3, Samsung SDI has topped the Li-ion battery market for e-bikes since 2013, and is expected to hold on to its position with more than 25 percent market share.

An official at Samsung SDI said, “With our high-capacity battery packs, the running distance of e-bikes will extend drastically and create new demand for the products. As a top supplier of small-sized batteries, we will continue to be a pioneer in the battery market for new applications.”

The Eurobike Show is the world largest bicycle exhibition, where some 1,300 bicycle and bicycle component manufacturers from 54 countries display their products. Samsung has participated in the show for the past four years.

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