Samuel Kim calls music his driving force

Jun Ko, Dec. 27, 2017, 9:56 a.m.

Music is a language that nearly all people can get behind, Samuel Kim being no exception. The 16-year old speaks about his love for music in his interview with 'CeCi Korea'. To him, music is his driving force. When he felt down and went through difficult times, he relied on music to help him get through the rough patches. People can get a sense of his love for music when he stated, "I love music and dancing so much. Even while I'm in the bathroom or picking out my clothes from my closet, I am always humming a tune. I keep my earbuds in well before falling asleep. So that's why I am happy standing on stage at this very moment." Hopefully his love for music will give birth to more music for everyone else to love. His title track 'Candy' from his first album 'Eye Candy' already received much love from people and it makes fans look even more forward to his future music. 

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