San E and MBC in Controversial Phrase 'I ♥ Hidden Cameras' on 'Kill Bill' Stage

Jay Yim, Feb. 15, 2019, 10:08 a.m.

Rapper San E and broadcast network MBC are the victims of criticism for the rappers recent performance.

During the January 31st airing of the hip-hop competition show 'Target Billboard: Kill Bill', San E performed 'Wannabe Rapper', which he composed. The words "I ♥ hidden cameras" appeared on the monitor screen in the background during his performance.

However, netizens found the phrase to be inappropriate because hidden cameras have been related to the issues of sexual harassment as of late. Due to this fact, San E and MBC were heavily criticized for airing the performance without any editing.

MBC apologized in response via their official website, stating,

"The phrase 'I ♥ hidden cameras' appeared for a second during hip-hop artist San E's performance on the first episode of 'Target Billboard: Kill Bill' aired on Thursday, January 31 at 11:10 PM. 

The producers watched the segment ahead of the airing but failed to notice the scene. We apologize to the viewers for not omitting and airing an inappropriate expression on the broadcast. We will be more cautious to prevent such an incident from occurring again." 

San E later also responded to the controversial event on his Instagram. The rapper posted a video revealing that the words "hidden cameras" had large red x marks appear over them.

This is the post below:

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킬빌 촬영 당일 리허설 영상 원본입니다.

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