Se7en Opens New K Pop Music Label ELEVEN9

Kyung Ho Kim, Dec. 22, 2015, 3:01 p.m.

Veteran k pop singer Se7en is celebrating the launch of his new k pop music label ELEVEN9.  The idol recently decided to part ways with YG entertainment.  The singer uploaded a photo of a posh, modern-looking building on his Instagram, the home of his new label and signaling his new beginning as the label's president! 


Many of Se7en's friends in the entertainment industry have congratulated the singer on the grand opening of his label, sending him decorative plants garnished with ribbons and streamers printed with messages, and piles upon piles of gifts! Among the people who sent Se7en wreaths were Yang Hyun SukEpik HighLeeteukand KanginTeddy, and Dara! My favorite streamer message would have to be from Epik High, which reads, "Wishing for you to be the Seven Eleven of music."  


Choi Dong Wook, better known by his stage name Se7en, is a South Korean singer, who has also advanced into Japan, China and the United States.

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