Sechs Kies given the same contract terms as BIGBANG

June Kang, May 12, 2016, 10:30 a.m.

It was previously reported that veteran idol group Sechs Kies would be making a comeback after signing with YG Entertainment! Following the news, it’s also been reported that the exclusive contract they’ve signed with the successful label is the same one that’s been given to BIGBANG as well.

A YG representative revealed that the Sechs Kies’ exclusive contract with YG Entertainment holds the same terms as the contract signed by BIGBANG, who has notably been in the industry for ten years now and have re-signed a total of three times so far.

The YG representative relayed, “The Sechs Kies members didn’t have that many different opinions, and within an hour, they all signed the contract. We can’t ignore the fact that Lee Jae Jin being CEO Yang Hyun Suk’s brother-in-law had somewhat of an influence in this situation [A/N: Yang Hyun Suk is married to Lee Jae Jin’s little sister].”

As far as a full reunion goes, the YG rep shared that Yang Hyun Suk would be personally visiting remaining member Go Ji Yong for the possibility of having the whole group back together.

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