Sechskies’ Kang Sung Hoon Gets Taken to the Emergency Room After Concert

Nicholas Kim, Sept. 12, 2016, 8:17 a.m.

Sechskies’ member Kang Sung Hoon was taken to the emergency room as soon as he completed his concert alongside his other members. On September 11th, Sechskies held their ‘Yellow Note’ concert, their first performance after sixteen long years. In the midst of the concert, Kang Sung Hoon hurt his foot while singing ‘Reckless Love’, and seemed to be in pain.


Kang Sung Hoon completed the concert performance and stood on stage the entire concert, and even stood through the encore. As soon as the concert ended however, he went straight to the hospital on an ambulance in order to check out the damage. There are currently no further updates, but be sure to stick around and stay tuned here at!

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