SECRET’s Hyosung Reveals That She Does Not Have Any Male Friends

Hannah Cho, May 12, 2017, 10:32 a.m.

Woah! Is it because she’s too pretty? On the May 11th taping and airing of OnStyle’s very own ‘Lipstick Prince 2’, SECRET’s very own Hyosung was the special guest ‘princess’ on the show. During the sit down, interview segment of the show, Hyosung revealed to Heechul, the MC, that she has no male friends at all. She was asking Heechul for advice, since Heechul is notoriously known to have a lot of female friends.

All of a sudden Hyosung said that she knew a female individual that had been in a relationship with Heechul himself. To which she added that Heechul actually has a more serious demeanor and is revealed that he is really good on giving advice! Hyosung revealed that a lot of guys hit on her, so she isn’t able to have any male friends.

Can you be friends with the opposite sex?

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