SECRET's Ji Eun and Untouchable's Sleepy Release Teaser Pic for Collaboration

Sensitive Artist, June 12, 2015, 11 a.m.

SECRET's Ji Eun and Untouchable's Sleepy have announced that they will be throwing a collaboration track together, and the two have released some more details as well as a teaser photo! The duet track will be titled "Cool Night", and it will be released soon on June 16th. The song is about two lovers who spend the day together on a sweet summer day.

The two now seem like an unusual pairing, with Ji Eun being more of the "pop" genre and Sleepy being more "hip-hop". She stands at a height of 5'3 while he is at 6'2, being far taller than her. None of that matters, since they somehow still look cute together, and hopefully the track will have just as much chemistry as the two artists!

Be sure to listen to the track when its released on June 16th. You heard it here at!

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