SECRET's Sunhwa and Lee Jang Woo Asks Their Fans to Watch "Rosy Lovers"

Sensitive Artist, Oct. 24, 2014, 11:27 a.m.

"Rosy Lovers" co-stars SECRET's Sunhwa and Lee Jang Woo bunched up together to take a few photos in order to promote their upcoming MBC drama!

The two stars who plays a couple in the drama, look as if they have gotten very comfortable with each other. Sunhwa tweeted, "Cha Dol oppa and Jang Mi~ What a sweet photo~!! >_< Every weekend night at 8:45PM!!! Please watch MBC's Rosy Lovers a lot~ ^^."

"Rosy Lovers" just premiered last weekend, and looking at the selfies, Sunhwa and Lee Jang Woo is bound to have some amazing moments together!

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