Seo Hyun Jin Shows Her Flawless Facial Skin with ‘Elle’ Magazine

Troy Yang, Aug. 24, 2016, 9:17 a.m.

In her latest photoshoot with ‘Elle’ magazine, Seo Hyun Jin not only discussed her public image and her fit body, but also took part in showing off just how flawless her facial skin is! She is was asked about how she manages to stay in such great shape during the interview portion of the shoot, and she shared that she is always dieting, but when she wishes to eat some snacks she needs to do it secretly.


In regards to her public image of being that overly friendly girl she said that amongst the sea of beautiful Korean women celebrities, she feels that she is just average. She confessed that she preferred her affable and friendly public image since she does not want to be perceived as being a person who is constantly in need of attention and maintenance.

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