Seo In Guk Is the "Best Son Ever" As He Gives a Gift to His Mother

Sensitive Artist, Feb. 23, 2015, 11:07 a.m.

Singer/actor Seo In Guk was recently featured in an interview where he was asked about his current status after having ended filming for the KBS drama "King's Face". In his interview, Seo In Guk stated that he had recently been keeping busy with opening up a coffee shop for his mother.

The star commented, "My mother has lived a very hard life. There were many times when my heart would ache...even after I debuted, you would think that she would start living comfortably, but she continued to work really hard. She would tell me that she is okay, but as a son a part of me felt uneasy. For this Lunar New Year, I think I would be able to go home with a proud heart. I gave her the most thoughtful gift in my life, haha!

In the interview, Seo In Guk expressed his gratitude towards his mother and stated that he is expected to spend some time comfortably with his family, especially with the long weekend for Lunar New Year.

Seo In Guk commented, 

"Despite being a female, my mother went through many troubles [in her life]. She's practically taken on all kinds of jobs, even the rough ones. Even after I debuted, she's been living the same way. I hoped that she would live more comfortably, but everything I mentioned, she would say, 'There is no point of resting, I should live busily and create a life for myself. 

Until recently, she was collecting recyclable waste and I felt so sad that I opened up a coffee shop [for her]. I hear that they remodeled the place all pretty and it's currently in business. When I go down this time around, I'll be seeing [the coffee shop] for the first time." 

In the meantime, Seo In Guk has stated that he is planning on making a debut in japan with a new album that includes many of his genuine thoughts as well as life stories. You heard it here at!

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