Seo In Guk Reportedly May Have Suffered a Shoulder Injury While Filming for "High School King"

Sensitive Artist, July 9, 2014, 11:10 a.m.

It has been announced that Seo In Guk has suffered from a shoulder injury while filming for his tvN Monday/Tuesday drama, "High School King"!

According to representatives on July 9th, Seo In Guk had injured his left sholder while filming for an ice hockey match scene sometime last week.

The representative stated, "[Seo In Guk] visited a hospital following his injury and received treatment. Because of his strong determination for filming, he returned to the set after receiving treatment... Although he is wearing a shoulder brace, he takes it off when filming so it won't affect filming. He only wears the shoulder brace when he's resting or reading his script."

Hopefully he will make a full and speedy recovery by finding some downtime in between his busy filming schedule! Stay tuned at for more news and updates!

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