Seo In Guk Seen with Short Hair Before Enlisting

Nicholas Kim, March 29, 2017, 9:26 a.m.

Seo In Guk just recently cut his hair very short to get ready for his enlistment to serve his mandatory military service! The vocal artist quietly ventured over to Yeoncheon County’s 5th division in the Gyeonggi Province to begin training. On the very same day, Seo In Guk and Roger Kim posted a photo screen of their last call together.


For the caption of the photo Roger Kim wrote, ‘8 years of friendship!!! Do well in the military today!!! I'll always support you!!! Hyung will definitely visit you!! Fighting!!! You're the man!!! Couldn't be there with you at Seoul ㅠㅠ Seeing you with shaved head makes me feel.....’ Seo In Guk’s military service will be completed in December 2018.

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