Seo In-young returns to social media after cursing controversy

Mia Lee, April 19, 2017, 9:43 a.m.

Seo In-young has returned to social media after a three-month break brought on by a cursing controversy. She recently created a new Instagram account and posted photos with the caption, “How is everyone doing? I missed you.”

In one of the photos, Seo is dressed in a black hoodie and sports a long pony tail.

The singer had suspended all of her activities, both on air and on social media, after a video of her angrily cursing while in Dubai for the filming of JTBC’s variety show “With You: Season 2” stirred up controversy in January.

The video was released by an insider who claimed Seo constantly had trouble with producers for being rude and stubborn.

Her agency officially responded to the issue with an apology, but failed to curb mounting criticism.

Seo had deleted her Instagram account as netizens had bombarded it with angry comments.

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