Seohyun says Girls' Generation members are still close

Cari Pak, Nov. 21, 2017, 11:05 a.m.

Seohyun starred in drama 'Bad Thief, Good Thief' which recently concluded it's broadcast and on November 21 she opened up for an interview, where she was also asked about her decision to leave SM Entertainment. She said, "The Girls' Generation members always talk with each other and we also talk about serious things. We always talk about what we want, and what our dreams are. We matured together for 10 years. We grew together and spent every day together, and we know what each other's dreams are. We always respected them. We understand one another and we all said we'd support one another until the end."

On whether if there was any friction among the members, she said, "No. Even today, I saw Hyoyeon-unni at the salon. We have a group chat and we all talk to each other all the time. When the drama ended, they congratulated and supported me."

In regards to standing alone, she said, "More than being scared, I felt like I had more responsibilities. Instead of splitting the responsibilities 8-way, I have it all to myself. I'm also kind of looking forward to it. I'm nervous and anticipating at the same time. It's what I decided, so I don't have regrets. I have a lot of hopes for the future."

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