Seolhyun opens up AOA fridge, her diet regimen

Angela Jung, Jan. 3, 2017, 9:37 a.m.

Seolhyun of septet AOA opened up the group‘s shared refrigerator on the Monday episode of “Please Take Care of My Fridge.” Prior to revealing the contents of the fridge, Seolhyun jokingly said, “If anything weird comes out I’m going to claim it’s someone else’s. Apologies to the AOA members in advance!” 

The fridge revealed low calorie ingredients, cheese with red spots and moldy sundae. Sundae, despite its misguiding dessert name, is a traditional Korean food made of pig’s intestines, blood and glass noodles.

“I like sundae but that’s not mine,” said Seolhyun hastily.

Chef Choi Hyun-suk, one of the panel, brought laughter to the in-house audience with his comment, “I thought it was abalone because of the green color.”  Seolhyun continued, “The cheese is mine. I think the red spots are from jam I had with the cheese.”

She said she also likes margarine. “I put it in my rice, too. I prefer rice over noodles, and sweet and salty food.” 

“I don’t eat spicy food much, but I must say I like the spicy pig cartilages and chicken feet because of their chewy texture.” 

Seolhyun said she has tried all kinds of weight-shedding regimens, but has concluded that it’s best to eat what one wants to eat, or else the stress from a repressed appetite will backfire. 

She said she skips breakfast, does pilates and personal training at gym.

Monday’s episode recorded a viewership rate of 4.1 percent, up 0.2 percent from the previous episode.

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