Seonam Girls High School Investigators Drama Broadcast Lesbian Student Kiss

kpopluv, Feb. 26, 2015, 11:14 a.m.

The JTBC Drama Seonam Girls High School Investigators recently broadcast an episode show casing a student lesbiam kiss scene.  The topic of homosexuality has been touched upon in a few dramas before, such as in 'Reply 1997', it is usually dealt with in a more subtle manner. However the producers of 'Seonam Girls High School' decided to push the boundaries by airing a kiss scene between two female students. 

Seonam Girls High School Investigators is a South Korean television series based on the novel of the same title by Park Ha-ik. Starring Jin Ji-hee, Kang Min-ah, Lee Hyeri, Lee Min-ji, Stephanie Lee, and Kim Min-joon, it airs on jTBC beginning December 16, 2014.  The drama is about five students at the Seonam Girls' High School form a detective club, and set out to solve mysteries around them, some involving bullying, abortion, and suicide.

When asked why they decided to take such a bold approach (by Korean standards that is), the producers of the drama responded, "We produced this project in aims to raise acceptance of diversity. We do not think that it is up to us to decide whether homosexuality is right or wrong. Homosexuality was the very first topic that PD Yeo Yoon Hyuk had wanted to touch upon when we were in the midst of preparing 'Seonam Girls High School'. Although PD Yeo worried about the reaction, he wanted to push forward with a topic that should be dealt with. The homosexual students that we actually met with told us that they do receive unfair treatment at school because of their sexual orientation. We came to produce this drama in hopes that diversity will become accepted."


It's said there was no formal complaint lodged regarding this kiss scene by the viewers, but the scene was bold enough for Korea Communications Standards Commission to take notice. The commission revealed, "We are currently confirming the content of the broadcast. We will decide whether this is an issue after we look into it and whether there is any violation against broadcast policy."

Hearing that the commission is looking into the matter, netizens responded with varying thoughts: "It's not even a bed scene, it's just a kiss scene. Are they saying that it's more erotic because it's done by two females? The public, major broadcast station was even airing a bed scene between high school students and them having a baby, why doesn't the Commission review that instead?", "Well... That's a cable station and not a major network, that's why they can air that," "What's wrong is wrong", "For those who don't think this is a problem, it is a problem because young students may watch and follow", "If male actors had done a kiss scene, would the Commission be looking into this? Why is it that men can kiss each other but when women kiss one another it becomes an issue?", "If the topic dealt with in the drama is homosexuality, of course they can show a kiss scene. Are we still in the 1980s?", "When I watch broadcast on major networks, there are many scenes when men kiss, but never when women kiss. Why is it that it's fine when men kiss but women can't? What exactly is the regulation here?"

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