Seoul Fashion Week: Cres. E Dim. FW17

Matt Maraia, March 30, 2017, 11:36 a.m.

We're only two days into Seoul Fashion Week and I have a hard time believing something will catch my eye more than Cres. E Dim.'s runway show. It's everything I love about trending pieces right now and I don't see any of them dying out beofre the fall/winter season hits. Cres. E Dim. has done an excellent job of creating pieces we've a thousand times but with a new, exciting twist. From the collections oversized hoodies that have slits in the sleeves, to sweaters with holes cut in the chest, and all of that gorgeous cut-n-sew work with panel-stitching and ribbings.  It's refreshing to see and brand put in so much meticulous planning throuhg their design, to make this all come together. I hihgly suggest heading over to Vogue to see the collection in its entirity. 

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