Seoul Korea’s Vital Statistics

luvsmiling, Nov. 25, 2014, 9:37 a.m.

An average of 230 babies were born and 115 people died every day in Seoul last year. The average age of Seoul citizens in 2013 was 39.7.  The population in education aged six to 21 dropped by about 300,000 from 1.94 million or 19 percent of the population of Seoul in 2008 to 1.69 million or 16.7 percent last year.

The number of elementary schoolchildren plunged by 164,000 or a whopping 25.9 percent to 469,000 during the same period.  Nevertheless, the number of elementary schools increased from 578 in 2008 to 597 in 2013.  That meant the number of children per class fell from about 70 in the 1980s to just 15.8 recently. 

There were 1.17 million elderly people in the capital last year, accounting for 11.2 percent of the total population. One in five elderly people or 21.7 percent lives alone. Seven of 10 single elderly people are women, probably because women live longer than men.

Meanwhile, consumer prices rose about two times over the last 20 years. Bus fares rose four times.  There were 3.55 million houses in Seoul last year, recording a 97.5 percent housing supply rate -- up 50,000 houses, or 1.4 percent on-year.   An average of 7.18 million Seoul citizens use subways and 4.5 million take buses every day.

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