Seoyoon Departs from Wanna.B and Is Replaced by Minah’s Sister

Nicholas Kim, April 7, 2016, 10:03 a.m.

Seoyoon has now officially parted from the group Wanna.B as of April 6th, and the group will actually be a seven member group now, with new members Linah and Roeun being added to the roster! Zenith Media Contents said, "Following the 2nd single album released last November, Seoyoon suffered from back pain, and after discussion with Seoyoon and her family, we agreed with their wishes to let her depart from the team."


The agency discussed the two new members by saying, "Roeun is a member with strong vocals, and Linah, who is Girl's Day Minah's sister, is a member with many talents." The group Wanna.B is currently planning on making a very big comeback with their brand new line-up and look, so prepare yourself!

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