Seungri and Police Superintendent Yoon continues to deny the cover-up allegations

Jun Ko, March 22, 2019, 10:26 a.m.

Seungri and Police Superintendent Yoon continue to deny the allegations of a coverup. The superintendent was alleged to have ties to the controversial Kakaotalk chatroom; he is currently believed to have used his position to cover up crimes for the members within the chatroom, some crimes being Jonghun's DUI and Seungri's 'Monkey Museum' controversy. 

SBS' '8 o'clock News' reported that Yoon continued to deny the allegations while Seungri was reported to have denied bribing the superintendent during his interrogation. Further reports shed light on how proper protocols weren't taken by those who took charge of the investigations and how they were not acquianted with the superintendent. Additionally, it was reported that an investigation of Yoon's phone yielded no evidence as it is currently assumed that he used 'Telegram', a privacy-oriented messaging app that deletes conversations without a trace.

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