Seungri cries tears of joy at his surprise birthday party from Yang Hyun Suk

Jun Ko, Dec. 13, 2017, 11:28 a.m.

Seungri of Big Bang was in for a surprise for his birthday this year. He would have never expected a surprise party thrown for him by his boss, Yang Hyun Suk. Seungri had posted an Instagram post of himself in tears in front of a birthday cake with Yang Hyun Suk next to him. The caption read, "My boss called me out saying he was treating me to dinner, but he threw a surprise birthday party for me... I started crying before I knew it. It was the first time he's thrown a birthday party for me in 12 years... Thank you..." 

But Seungri wasn't the only one made happy in his birthday. He had spread joy to those in need by giving back to the community on his birthday. He had made a donation of 100 million KRW (about 92,000USD) to the Green Umbrella ChildFund in Korea and hand-delivered coal briquettes to those in need.

Happy Birthday to him and a great thanks to all that he's done! 

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